Admin Day

Today is a day that celebrates the work that I do. I have had the privilege of carrying this title for 5.5 years now at the place I currently work. Today was bittersweet for me as it was the last one I will have with my employer because of the transition my husband it taking with his job. I saw my boss a few times today and not one word was said to me. I saw a few other people and again, not a word. I texted a fellow admin friend of mine a Happy Admin Day to which she replied “back at cha.” That was the extent of my day. I get paid for 12 hours a week but I work anywhere between 30-60 depending on what is going on that week. My boss knows of my upcoming transition as he and my husband are great friends. I know he isn’t angry with me for leaving so for this to be my last one at my current organization, I was kind of hurt to not hear a word from him about it. Granted, my first one at the church was forgotten as well so it’s not like this is the first one but I work my tail off. I do things at the drop of a dime for him all the time. One thank you today would have gone a long way. I’m not huge on gifts or things like that but a thank you… that would have been nice. Every year I post a shout out to my fellow admins on facebook and almost immediately after, I get a call or text from my bosses wife thanking me for my service. Again, I know it isn’t intentional but still… it hurt a little.

This is my post on FB today…

I’ve waited all day to post this because it’s not about me seeking recognition. Every year I post kudos to others and the next thing I know, I get messages, calls, texts or people showing up at my door. That’s NOT what this is for. That’s why I waited until 8p to post this so the above things won’t happen if it hasn’t already. 😉

For my fellow admins, today is YOUR day. I hope you were all recognized in such a way that was honoring to you for the work you do. I for one never understood why there was an “Administrative Professionals Day” until I became one. We tend to be the glue that holds a lot of things together. We aren’t just secretaries. We are people who virtually run the businesses we work for. We help make it run like a well-oiled machine and without us, who knows where things would end up! 😉

A well-deserved thank you goes out to each and every one of you. I know how hard you all work. I know the schedule you keep. I know the workload you do. I know the stress you have. I know the deadlines you meet. I understand the workload. I understand your drive. I understand your passion. I understand YOU. Keep up the great work my fellow friends. You may often feel overlooked and unappreciated but I assure you, you are not. ❤️❤️❤️


I love my job. I love my boss. I love what I do. Remember, a THANK YOU goes a long way in the life of an administrative assistant.



This is what being a police wife is…
This is what our days are made up of…..
This is something we know, we live with, we talk about…
S A C R I F I C E …

I am an educated woman. I have 3 college degrees and I’m quite proud of them. Do I use them (yet)? Nope. When I married my beau almost 11 years ago, I made it my goal to support him in his career as I knew one day I would have children and be the main caretaker of them. I have been told that I have put my life on hold while my husband fulfills all of his career dreams to which I respond that I am so damn proud of him. I am happy we live a life that allows me to be home with our children right now and I will one day go to work and use one of those pieces of paper that I have stored away… but right now, I’m a mom and I love it.

Our sacrifice is on a different level. We (my family) sacrifice holidays, nights, weekends, school musicals, church performances, etc. We sacrifice time as a family at our cottage up North. We sacrifice time with our families due to work schedules. We sacrifice a lot as a family so my husband can do all he desires in his career and again, I love it. I love the skill he has attained over his career…

Where sacrifice hurts is right now. He is switching departments (well, as long as his background comes back good and knowing him, I don’t see how he could ever fail) but hey, you never know. To me, this will be the hardest sacrifice I make. Since moving to our current city 7 years ago, we have become quite involved in our church where we not only attend and participate, but I also am heavily involved in (work). If he gets and accepts this new position, we will have to move and I will have to leave a church that I have come to love and consider family. As I have spoken with my Pastor/boss about this possible life change, he has asked that I list people who I think can handle my job and all the areas of the church I run (it’s a lot! A/V, Sound, Worship  – building, creating, participating, Administrative Assistant duties, Treasurer duties, etc). I do A LOT and as I think about people possibly taking over my position, I find myself getting sadder and sadder. I am so grateful for my husband and the opportunity he has but this is so hard on me. I love him though and I would move to the other side of the country if that is what he wanted (which he doesn’t – Thank Goodness!) For the very few of you who read this, please pray for me (if you are the praying sort) I would highly appreciate it! This is all happening way quicker than I could have anticipated!


Oye. I didn’t think this day would come. I assumed that when my hubby took his job that that was it, we were done looking and we were going to be in our current city forever. After 7 years, my hubby started looking for other opportunities as he has pretty much done everything he can at his current department. He applied for a position this past Tuesday (3/29). I prayed when he applied (as these usually take months to go through the process) that if we were to do this that God would use a neon sign of sorts. Let us know that yes, this was the direction we were supposed to go in. On Wednesday (3/30) he was called for an interview for Friday (4/1). His interview was @9:30a at a place about 1.5 hours away. He was done with his interview by 10a, and home by 11:30a. At noon, he received a call they wanted to start his background. Yep, neon sign. I get it now.

Let me just pause for a second. This happened in a matter of days, not months like we have been accustomed to. We agreed to the background and now we wait. Change isn’t always bad and I’m so excited for the opportunities my hubby will now have (if he passes everything which I don’t see him failing anything to come.) The transition will be quite easy for him, granted who wants to be the FNG again but he’ll get through it as he has before and be awesome at what he does. The transition for me will be extremely hard. I have always been very supportive of his career. I want him to succeed as much as possible and do all the things he wants but now I have two children and a job I love, a church I cannot imagine not being a part of, and the friends and family I have gained here is beyond anything I have ever known. Now, I must face the idea that I will be losing it all. I know that if we do end up leaving, I will have all of the same things again but I have spent 7 years in our city building relationships. It’s very hard for me to walk away. I am so excited and yet so heart broken at the same time.

I had a great discussion with my Pastor/Boss today and although I started the conversation off with “I don’t want to talk about it,” I’m glad I did. I’m glad he has been apart of my life for the past 6 years that we have attended the church we go to. I know that God is blessing this transition but gosh I am selfishly scared.

I will always allow him to seek out his dreams. I am living my dream. I have him, our two beautiful children, a dog that has the worst breath known to man kind and snores like an 80-year-old in need of a CPAP machine and I have Jesus. I don’t need anything else. I am so proud of him and all he has accomplished in his career in our current city. He has been Police Officer of the Month numerous times, Police Officer of the Year, has been involved in so many “things” and has received such amazing recognition for his abilities to serve and protect the community.

I’m sure it will get easier when everything is finalized but for now, I weep at the fact that my friends/family here will one day be memories. Everyone always says that if you move that it won’t change anything but as someone who has moved throughout the whole state, I know that to be untrue. You do lose touch and you do forget.


This is hard.