I’m White

I’m white. There is no denying that fact.

Does that make me a better person? No.
Does it make me superior in any way, shape or form? No.
Am I privileged? Maybe… but only because I have worked hard for what I have.
Do people treat me better because I’m white? I would hope not.
Am I ashamed that I’m white? No.

I would hope that the content of my character would be why you treat me the way you do. People are divided. You hear more and more about whites vs blacks. We don’t want to bring up a criminals history but lets bring up a police officers. We hear that some university in California wants to bring segregated housing back. How is any of this helping? 10 years ago, there wasn’t an us vs them mentality. Why? Why now must it be that way? There is a video from the “Free Hug” guy going around trying to create change. Why can’t we all be like him? Why can’t we all stop the violence? I’m so frustrated. We are raising our children up in this culture where when we don’t like something, we riot. Our children are seeing this!!! When there was a brutal ambush on police in Dallas, were there riots? Was there protesting? Was there fighting or violence of any kind? No.
To be fair, since this is a racial injustice (so I’ve been told)… where are the riots in Chicago? I read an article yesterday that a 15 year old boy was found dead, badly burned in a trash can. Why are people not rioting for his life? He was 15. He had a whole life in front of him. Help me understand how black on black murder is ok? Help me understand why there isn’t an outcry for this boys life and all of the other lives that have been prematurely taken in Chicago. Help me understand people because I don’t. Instead, I try to explain to my child what this craziness is all about. Instead, I watch my husband suit up only to worry and pray for him hourly while he is at work. Did he do anything wrong? No but he surely has a target on his back.

What has happened to the great USA? Public figures are now boycotting the national anthem talking about how they are suffering. Please, tell me how your millions of fans and millions of dollars is causing you to suffer. Please tell me how, since you want change so bad, that you will use said platform and bank account to help change it. Help create change in Chicago. Help create a bridge between police and communities. Help create a great nation yet again. To have so many prominent figures continue to speak about how there is an us vs them mentality, creates more divide.

Help me understand how this is ok.


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