Those are the emotions I am feeling right now. At times, I get a little annoyed with all of the ‘live’ videos on my social media account… until I see one with a lot of flashing lights. I click on it and immediately hear “officer shot.” I started scouring over the comments with people asking “where” and then I see it. The name of the city my husband works. I immediately start sending message after message to him while my heart pounds and tears started welling up in my eyes.

Please respond.
Nothing comes through.

I fire off another few messages.
No response.

Finally I see the 3 dots moving and my heart calms a little. At that moment, it came across that it was in the next county over. My heart sank again because it was close to where my husband is and the gunman was still on the loose. Then I hear the words I never want any wife, husband, son, daughter, mother or father to hear.

“It appears as though it has been a fatal shooting.” We all know how the media is and it hasn’t been “confirmed” through other news outlets yet. I’m praying fervently that the channel I was watching heard wrong… that the officer is indeed ok. I’m praying for our brothers and sisters in blue out there looking for this guy to be safe and to find the person at fault for this. I’m praying for the family of this officer who is at the very least, injured and has possibly succumbed to his wounds.

The tears are flowing freely now.

Hug your loved ones who suit up a little tighter. Kiss them. Hold them. And if your loved one is anything like mine, he’ll suit up again tomorrow and fight the good fight another day.


Please pray for the Wayne State University Police Department.


The Race

I see so much fear being posted about on social media. I’m not negating it at all. I think those who were Pro-Trump or just Anti-Hillary would have felt the same if she would have won. I get it.

I was told today that he promotes hate within his speech. The amount of hate I have heard today against him is no better than what he is accused of doing. Is it ok because we are upset? Does it make it right? The ‘celebrity’ world is up in arms about how they will not support him and it is trending on how people are looking to move to Canada.

I would hope that the ‘celebrity’ world would help the nation come together. Instead of spewing hate at a man they did not want, they should speak out in support of him. The great nation that is watching their movies or listening to their music, essentially paying them to live the life they do, have spoken. To those wanting to run and flee the country… really? If change is what you wanted in Hillary, why leave? Why not help create change in your community or your congress?

People are upset on what to tell their children. I told mine that America chose who they chose. That is the beauty of America. I’m not going to instill fear in him because of the unknown. I’m not going to tell him I’m upset. I’m not going to be overly excited. It is what it is. America spoke. Now we need to come together. This is not going to change for 4 years so why teach our children to be upset at the American process? Why teach them to be fearful over nothing. Give Trump a chance. He may surprise us all. He may do everything you thought he would do and ruin the country or he may actually change America for the better. We don’t know.

“But Trump promotes hate and was endorsed by the KKK.” Although as an organization, they endorsed him, didn’t the grand dragon (Will Quigg) endorse her? People feel that the BLM movement is a hate group and they endorsed Clinton. Does that make her a person endorsing hate as well? I mean if it makes him a racist, surely we need to be equal in our thinking and say she promotes hate. But surely she doesn’t promote it just as he doesn’t promote racism.

We just have to look at this in a different perspective. Whether you love Trump or hate Trump, he will be our next President. Can we start promoting love and acceptance? Can we come together as a group, a community and a nation? Whether you voted for Trump, Clinton, Stein or Johnson, you did your part in expressing your view in your vote. No matter the outcome, we need to be ok and we need to figure out how to move forward as a unified body of Americans. Hillary said we are “stronger together.” I agree with that… together we can move mountains. Together we spoke last night. Together we will get through the next 4 years!

Congratulations Mr. Trump on your victory. May God bless you and all of us!