Dear Mom

Dear Mom,

You haven’t been officially diagnosed yet but I feel it’s coming. Over the past few years, more so in the past one, you’ve been changing. You’re forgetful, emotional, confused with simple commands and are just having a difficult time. One minute you are happy, the next in tears to be followed by anger. You have anxiety attacks now and due to the most recent one, we have found you a new doctor to go to because you were unhappy with your last. You love this new doctor. She treats you so kindly and listens to everything you say. Your blood work came back almost completely normal minus a reading of low Vitamin D. We are moving forward with more plans and appointments to figure this all out. You have changed (not in a bad way) but in a concerning way for your family. As your sister often says, we want the old you back which we may never get. Your doctor now wants you to see a neurologist to which you have been quite angry about. You have stated numerous times you don’t have a mental illness and that the doctor is just going to push pills on you and you are going to become a ‘pill popper’ as you like to call it. You have been bucking the idea of seeing him until yesterday when you spoke to me completely normal about wanting to get help because you were scared about things happening in your life that you didn’t remember.

Mom, I love you so much. No matter what diagnosis you get (if you ever get one) I will be by your side for the good news or bad. WE will get through this together. You don’t have to be afraid Mom… I got you!