Dear Mom | pt2

Dear Mom,
Your doctor said you shouldn’t be driving anymore. What you have shared with her has been enough to cause her worry. Of course, you nodded your head as if you were hearing and understood what she said. Once we left, I asked how you felt about it and you didn’t know what I was talking about. You didn’t hear her but you did agree with her. I filled you in on the details and you were blazing mad. How dare she do this to you! The whole way home you begged me not to tell anyone because it would take away your independence. I knew losing that privilege would be hard on you.

She also stated it was time to see a neurologist. All of her medical testing is providing no concrete answers and she feels as though your problem is enough to see one. One minute you are ok with that and the next you are defiant and refuse to go. I know you are scared about it… I know it’s the fear that is driving you to say hurtful things. I don’t know how to talk to you sometimes because one minute you are normal mom and then you are not normal mom. I try to keep my patience but I know that I have been failing you with that as well. I’m so sorry mom. So many times in my life you have been there for me and here I struggle with it in supporting you. I’m not perfect at this but I’m trying.

I love you mom. We will get through this together. You don’t have to be afraid mom… I got you!


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